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HCL Servlets Interview Questions
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waht is the main diference b/w servelts and JSP ?

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How do you pass the data from one servlet to another servlet?

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Servlet Chaining? How do you do the Filtering in Servlets?

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Can we override the ActionServlet?

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when the jsp page is translated to servlet?

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how the server will know its the same jsp page?

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where the generated jsp source file are stored?

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when you comppile the servlet is it neccesary to restaet the tomcat server?

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how the jsp page can be regenerated?

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What is forward() and include() of servlets RequestDispatcher interface?

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What compiler do not do if we create our own constructor?

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Which method is called when reference variable is passed in


which method in doGet or doPost is use to send binary date to server

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HCL Servlets Interview Questions

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