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HCL SAP Business One Interview Questions
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how to write a customise code in reporting replacement path

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hi frnds dc's suma could u tell me. 1. expalin u have created any customize cube? 2. what is ur exp in bex and wad? 3. howmany reports u have created? give one scenario abour calculated key figure and formula? 4. tell me some recently what u have done tickets give me 2 tickets explain briefly? 5.what they (off shore team) have done ? what is cell formatting? and advantages?


hi frnds dc's suma.could u tell me this one.( have 2 Data Sources sales and Billing.I have 2 Cubes called 1.sales cube and 2.Billing Cube with its own Data,Now i want to add Sales Data to Billing Cube.How Can it Possible,Can you any one Explain?

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HCL SAP Business One Interview Questions

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