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HCL SQL PLSQL Interview Questions
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what is meant by DML?

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Which one of the following pairs of aggregate functions do you use with character fields? 1. COUNT(field) and MAX(field) 2. AVG(field) and COUNT(field) 3. MIN(field) and SUM(field) 4. AVG(field) and MAX(field) 5. COUNT(field) and SUM(field)

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Which clause of an UPDATE statement allows you to affect only certain rows of a table? 1. The WHERE clause 2. The SET clause 3. The ROWS AFFECTED clause 4. The ORDER BY clause

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If you want a column to be part of the result set, after which SQL keyword does it belong? 1. SELECT 2. FROM 3. WHERE 4. GROUP BY 5. HAVING

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Types of locks in database ?

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What is normalization ?

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What is the use of cursor ? how cursor allocate context area for executing the sql statement?

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Can a table have two primary keys?

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what is the boundary line in varrays?

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When we give SELECT * FROM EMP; How does oracle respond?

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Write one update command to update seqno field of a table on the basis of row number.

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what is indexing, searching and user interface?

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what are the differences among these table level lock modes - IN SHARE MODE, IN SHARE UPDATE MODE, IN EXCLUSIVE MODE ?

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i want to display 1 to 10 numbers using one select statement.

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what is the difference between varray and table data type..please expalain with some examples... under what situation you will go for varray..instead of index by table...

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HCL SQL PLSQL Interview Questions

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