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HCL Test Cases Interview Questions
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write a test case for a pen and paper regarding writing.

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How will you review test cases?

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For example out of 100 test cases if I ask you to automate how many you can automate?

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hi iam working in HCL as a fresher n iam dg automation testing i am going to give client demo i did some 7 scripts i want to call all those in some new page in QTP I KNOW CALL THE EXISTING ACTION N COPY OF ACTION if we use any of these options while running it will show the whole script but is there any other method while running it should not show the whole script it will show only the calling lines plz give me detailed explanation to ds i need reply fast plzz

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IN MY APPLICATION SOME WINDOW IS THERE IT CONSISTS OF SOME 25 LABLES IN THOSE FOR THE ALREADY SELECTED ONE IT WILL SHOW THE BACKGROUND COLOR IS YELLOW WHILE CHECKING IT SHOULD CHECK THE ALL LABLES WHICH ONE IS HAVING YELLOW COLOUR backcolor=SwfWindow("ALTAIR").SwfWindow("Load Wafer").SwfLabel(" ").GetROProperty("backcolor") SUPPOSE LIKE DS IT WILL BE THERE THEN FOR THAT SwfLabel(" ") inside this how to specify is my doubt because i have to check all the 25 labels plz explain it how to specify that


What are test cases for Car Locking System?

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write a test case for triangle?

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write a test cses for sending mails through microsoft- outlook xpress?

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What is the basis on which you can check a text box in a web page or application?

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what all are available test cases for Search engine NLP (Sixth sense).

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How would you do " Keeping two folders in sync testing"


How to write the test scenarios for the following: 1. Searching train. 2. Data encryption and decryption. 3. Single signon. 4. Document printing. 5. Testing EMail. 6. Data authentication.


Can any one please give me a test case for transaction of money thro' mobile phones. I really need it soon. i need the test case in ieee format.please anyone help me.


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HCL Test Cases Interview Questions

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