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HCL Informatica Interview Questions
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If you want to create indexes after the load process which transformation you choose?

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Explain about the concept of mapping parameters and variables ?

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What is the target load order?

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Diff B/W MAP Parameter, SESSION Paramater, DataBase connection session parameters.? Its possible to Create 3parameters at a time? If Possible which one will fire FIRST?

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Hi If i had source like unique & duplicate records like 1,1,2,3,3,4 then i want load unique records in one target like 2,4 and i want load duplicate records like 1,1,3,3 then can any body please send me what is th scnario. my mail i

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how many session run unix environment what command using ?

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One source and 3 targets 1st row-1st target 2nd row-2nd target 3rd row-3rd target 4th row-1ist target how will u do?

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sorce is a flatfile only 1st and last row should insert to target how will u do?

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In seqence generator transformation maximum limit is reached,after reaching maximum limit how will u insert the data

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if soource is having 10 records how will u insert 20 records to target

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In session log thier should not be a single error how will u do

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What is an incremental loading? in which situations we will use incremental loading

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what is diff between IN and EXIT commands

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what is persistant cache in which situation we will use persistantcache

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Insert else update option in which situation we will use

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HCL Informatica Interview Questions

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