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HCL Programming Languages AllOther Interview Questions
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Piggy backing is a technique for a) Flow control b) sequence c) Acknowledgement d) retransmition

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How to swap values between two variables without using a third variable?

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How to know we are in home page of a web application using QTP


can any method return type may be constructor , or that method name allow


what is the basic and unique feature of dotnet


what is web configuration file


what is session state?


hoe to data grid use in sql server 2000?


how to data grid use in data bind?


why we use mantis? what u mean mantis in IT trends? addvantages of mantis?


Write a Pseudo Code to find the angle between two hands of a clock for a given time.

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hi i am jyoti i have done sap training in sd and master degree in economics have 2 year exp as enduser in (gdms)and 1 year as sd contract basis now what i can do for getting job in it industry


what is the current salary package in India for a lamp programmer


Difference between debugging, running, executing of an application


What Is The Difeerence Between C & C++

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HCL Programming Languages AllOther Interview Questions

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How to down load image properties.


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Alex’s Trial Balance at 31 December 2015 Dr (BWP) Cr (BWP) Capital 18 240 Bank overdraft 3 000 Fixtures and fittings 14 100 Provision for depreciation-fixtures and fittings 8 800 Inventory 14 200 Trade receivables 12 300 Trade payables 9 900 Revenue 110 000 Purchases 51 000 Discount received 1 800 Wages and salaries 26 000 Sundry expenses 34 000 Discount allowed 620 217 540 ======= 86 420 ======== Required: i Prepare the corrected trial balance at 31 December 2015. (7 marks) ii Show any difference you find as a balance on an appropriate account.


What is output redirection?


What are the parameters that you need to take care of, for the transferring of marketing projects crm to r/3?


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what is more complex to implement property, methods or event? how can I define criteria to compare the difficulty of implementation between them? for example the number of methods wanted to implements property is 2 methods. how many methods I need it to implements events?


Define cmrr of an opamp?


How to copy a file into HDFS with a different block size to that of existing block size configuration?


Fiscal year variant F1 has 6 posting periods and fiscal year variant F2 has 4 posting periods. The posting have different start and ending dates.assign posting period variant F1 is assigned to leading ledger (0L) and F2 is assigned to the non-leading ledger(N1). You get an error message when making a posting in the non-leading ledger.?( any 1 answer) • The posting period variant of the non-leading ledger and the leading are different • The fiscal year variant of the non-leading ledger and the leading ledger are different • The posting is being made in a special period, but both variants are examples of a shortened fiscal year • The posting period for the non leading ledger group”N1” is closed


Can you cite some examples where a false positive is important than a false negative?