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HCL Linux AllOther Interview Questions
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how do you configure linux system as a router?

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expalin the process of kickstart installation?

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HCL Linux AllOther Interview Questions

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Hi, Can anyone proivde the soluiton for the below senirio, thanks in advance. We are providing test services to various sites of a corporate. Now, we want to bill as a single bill point i.e. Corporate office. Single bill for each site will be generated. E.g. Panac Labs, New Delhi Head Office Panac Labs, Mumbai Lab at Mumbai Panac Labs, Kolkata Lab at Kolkata Panac Labs, Indore Lab at Indore In above case, we are cattering services to all four locations. However, New Delhi is the Head office and Lab too. Hence we will issue four bills addressed to Panac Labs, New Delhi. Outstanding and debtors will be maintained on A/c of Panac Labs, Head office. We also want to maintain sub- ledger base on sites


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