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HCL Java J2EE AllOther Interview Questions
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Why do you use Context Object

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How do you create UserTransaction Object? How do you rollback a transaction in a method?

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How do you debug your java program?

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what is diff string and stringbuffer

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can u draw class/object diagram for ATM


Is it possible to create Userdefined Unchecked Exception also?If Yes, give an example?

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httt method

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what is difference between vector and arraylist?.

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what about web architecture?

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what is acl(access control list)?

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Runining mutiple tomcat server in a single machine is possible Yuo wil have to duplicate configuration with different port numbers

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what is the difference between through and throws?

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How many controlers are there in spring? Plz send me ans

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HCL Java J2EE AllOther Interview Questions

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