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HCL ASP.NET Interview Questions
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Is it necessary to undertsand these events of an ASPX page execute. Explain its importantance?

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What are the main components of the ADO object model? How are they used?

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What is the Web.config file used for? a) To store the global information and variable definition for the application. b) Configures the time that the server-side codebehind module is called c) To Configure the Web Server. d) To Configure the Web browser.

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Describe the role of inetinfo.exe, aspnet_isapi.dll and aspnet_wp.exe in the page loading process

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Explain the life cycle of an ASP .NET page

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Can you explain the difference between an ADO.NET Dataset and an ADO Recordset?

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How many types of session in asp.net2.0

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What is dataset and uses of dataset ?

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How does Garbage collector(GC) works in .net

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One Listbox showing all cities. If you select one city in list box the information related to that particular city should be displayed in Datagrid . How do you do that?

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How to retrieve the information from datatable citywise in c#?

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What are clr?cts?cls?

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How do u deploy ur project?


What is web.config. How many web.config files can be allowed to use in an application?

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HCL ASP.NET Interview Questions

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