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HCL COBOL Interview Questions
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why occurs clause not mentioned in 01 level

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How is sign stored in Packed Decimal fields and Zoned Decimal fields?

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i Want All cobol ERROR codes?

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what do you mean by copybook? and what is the difference between the copybook which we are using in working storage and procedure division.

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how to submit a jcl by cobol program. clear me with an example.

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how you read control card into array?

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COBOL Snippet: Tell where the control will when the below code execute IF (A=B) CONTINUE ELSE NEXT SENTENCE PERFORM END-IF.

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what is the difference b/w level no.01 & level no.77?

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created cluster using IDCAMS ..that is empty ..when i write a program for read using Input ..wil it open the cluster or gives any error?

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how many maximum no of variables can be declared in linkage section ?

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which is better either static call or dynamic call? and why?

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can we redefine 77 level item is it possible

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what are difference organizations in cobol and access mode in cobol? can you expalin what organization means while declaring for ksds,esds,rrds?

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what is the advantage of using redefines instead of delaring the variables ?

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how we rectify soc4 and soc7 error in project(need real time answer)? please reply

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HCL COBOL Interview Questions

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