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HCL SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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In Dialog program Syntax of Synchronous and Asynchronous?

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what is eqult Hide?

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Give the syntax of Inner,outer Join?"

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How to insert data in ternal table?

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what are the events in Module pool Programming?

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How you prepare documentation?

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VVVV.Urgent- How can i develop more than 30 interactive lists in reports.

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what is a cluster directory in abap can we read a cluster directory

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What is the difference between macro and subroutine?

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What is the maximum value for Line-Size in the Report?

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how to process the idoc?

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what is the diffreence between sap memory and abap memory plz give the example

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the control commands in the report program are atfirst,atnew,atlast,atend of and what is the difference between them

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how to issue the tickets in support project?

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HCL SAP ABAP Interview Questions

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