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HCL Advanced Java Interview Questions
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Explain lazy activation?

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How to deploy Jar, War files in J2EE?


In howmany ways a thread can be created?

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How task's priority is used in scheduling?


How do you maintain a stateful session object across the session

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What is the use of Class.forName

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Where does the session Object stores? If 100 users are connecting to the server. How does it recognize which session belongs to which user?

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when we applied start()method on a thread ,how does it know that to execute run()method on that object?

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advantage of thread?

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what is disadvantage of thread?

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Explain the life cycle of servlet?

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what is the life cycle of jsp?

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Suppose there are 3 combo box. SELECT COUNTRY SELECT STATE SELECT CITY if i select any country from country conutrylistbox values in the state will get automatically inserted with database values>> THEN on selection of state city will be inserted in city combo box If you can help then please Help me...

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Difference Between getRequest and PostRequest?

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what are design patterns in java?give with example?

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HCL Advanced Java Interview Questions

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