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HCL Electronics Communications Interview Questions
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which type of code is human code?

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what is the expansion of DSP?

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What is the need of filtering ideal response of filters and actual response of filters?

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what r ur strengths?

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"you r graduated as ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNCATION ENGINEER, then y u r looking for a job in IT side"?

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sir/mam i'm the fresher in E.C.E and need the question collections regarding with the circuit development and testing.

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what is the difference between electrical and electronics technicions and what they do/ and for what porpose?

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can you use a small battery in place of every decoupling capacitor.


what is code vector?


why the pic micro controller have three timers

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8 12 14 6 11 __ 14 6 18 12, find the missing numbers?

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3.Which type of fading cause serious distortion of modulated signal a)selective fading b)interference fading c)absorption fading d)polarization fading

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Slant line with arrow head in NPN & PNP transistor indicate the direction of

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In pic16f877a the adc output is 10bit but the microcontroller ability is only handle the 8 the 10 bit is changed into 8 bit

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What is the chemical composition of the substance used as feed horn? And how many types of feedor are there?


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HCL Electronics Communications Interview Questions

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