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HCL Cognos Interview Questions
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What is Cardinality

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what is power prompt in cognos ep7series?what is the use of this?


how many types of variables in cognos report net and cognos 8

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what is prompt variable

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what is textsource variable

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what are diff b/w cognos and business objects

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what are typees of dimensions

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what are the difficult problem are you involved in cognos report net and 8 and impromptu if any pls share with us


What is TRAP in Framework manager?What's the use of TRAP? Where We are using this?

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how to explain tne project at the time of interview? where to start and how to end? plz explain in detail thax in advance


what is materialised view? why we use it in data warehousing?

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what is view? types of views?

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what is online view?


how many types of formats you can run a report using cognos?

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what are the components having in the report studio using interface eg:insertable objects pan,properties pan

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HCL Cognos Interview Questions

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