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HCL SAP MM (Material Management) Interview Questions
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What is RTP?

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How to inventory excise duty in SAP?

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What is meant by consignment stock?

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What is difference between "terms of payment" and "payment terms" Fields are available in vendor master purchasing view and accounting view respectively. System can take two differnt values for same vendor? why different values are maintained?

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Can anyone explain third party rocurement process?

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What are the fields in Purchasing view?

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In release procedure in purchase requisation,i have two strategies in p.r, SRATEGY 1:P.R value is 0-10000, STRTEGY 2:P.R value is 9000-20000. if your P.R value is 9500 which srategy is taken in P.R.

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at what level accounting view is maintained ? the moment u enter data in accounting view what prompt request u will get?

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ERS, What are the prerequisite step for configuration of ERS

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I am new to SAP MM/WM, can someone describe a typical day working as MM/WM functional consultant , what team have you worked on, and specifically what were you in charged off within SAP team, and what were you doing?

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HCL SAP MM (Material Management) Interview Questions

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