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HCL Data Stage Interview Questions
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1)What is ur project architecture ? 2)how to move project from developement to uat? 3)What is the difference between datastage 6,7.1 and datasttage 7.5? 4).How to do error handling in datastage? 5)3.Whta is unit testing, system testing and integration testing? 6)What is the Exact difference between BASIC Transformer and NORMAL Transformer?When we will go for BASIC Or NORMAL Transformer 7)why we use third party tools in datastage? 8)What is the purpose of Debugging stages? In real time Where we will use?

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create a job that splits the data in the Jobs.txt file into four output files. You will direct the data to the different output files using constraints. • Job name: JobLevels • Source file: Jobs.txt • Target file 1: LowLevelJobs.txt − min_lvl between 0 and 25 inclusive. − Same column types and headings as Jobs.txt. − Include column names in the first line of the output file. − Job description column should be preceded by the string “Job Title:” and embedded within square brackets. For example, if the job description is “Designer”, the derived value is: “Job Title: [Designer]”. • Target file 2: MidLevelJobs.txt − min_lvl between 26 and 100 inclusive. − Same format and derivations as Target file 1. • Target file 3: HighLevelJobs.txt − min_lvl between 101 and 500 inclusive. − Same format and derivations as Target file 1. • Rejects file: JobRejects.txt − min_lvl is out of range, i.e., below 0 or above 500. − This file has only two columns: job_id and reject_desc. − reject_desc is a variable-length text field, maximum length 100. It should contain a string of the form: “Level out of range: ”, where is the value in the min_lvl field. My Question is how do you write the stage variable for reject rows.


How to create environments and call them? What is the use defined variables?

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what is the main differences between Lookup, Join and Merge stages?

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Hi This is Vijay, How can your remove the duplicates in sequential File?

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what r the stages mostly used in realtime scenarios

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wt is the diff b/w odbc and oracle stage

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eno ename esal acct1 acct2 amount1 amount2 100 suresh 10000 sbi1 sbi2 1000 2000 this is our sourse data i would loke to disply like this eno ename esal acct amount 100 suresh 10000 sbi1 1000 100 suresh 10000 sbi2 2000

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1.what is stagearea?what is stage variable? 2.this is my source source:id, name target:id, name 100, murty 100,madan we have three duplicate records for the id column,how can we getthe source record? 100,madan 100,saran

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can a fact table contains textual information

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Hi all, explain one complex business rule that you had in your project and how did you accomplish it using DS?

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why we use parameters instead of hard code in datastage

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what is the difference between lookup stage reject link and merge stage reject link in datastage Parallel jobs?

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what is the difference between lookup stage reject link and merge stage reject link in datastage Parallel jobs? interm of output in Merge Reject link and Look Up Reject link ?

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HCL Data Stage Interview Questions

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