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HCL C C++ Errors Interview Questions
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void main() { for(int i=0;i<5;i++); printf("%d",i); } What is the output?..

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void main() { int i=1; printf("%d%d%d",i,++i,i++); } Cau u say the output....?

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Assume that the int variables i and j have been declared, and that n has been declared and initialized. Write code that causes a "triangle" of asterisks of size n to be output to the screen. Specifically, n lines should be printed out, the first consisting of a single asterisk, the second consisting of two asterisks, the third consistings of three, etc. The last line should consist of n asterisks. Thus, for example, if n has value 3, the output of your code should be * ** *** You should not output any space characters. Hint: Use a for loop nested inside another for loop.

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WHAT WILL BE THE OUTPUT OF THE FOLLOWING QUESTION void main() { int x=4,y=3,z; z=x-- -y; printf("%d%d%d",x,y,z); }

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full c programming error question based problem

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#include"stdio.h" #include"conio.h" void main() { int a; printf("\n enter a number:"); scanf("%c\n"); getch(); }

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void main() { int i=7; printf("N= %*d",i,i); }

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what is exceptions?

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void main() { int i=5; printf("%d",i+++++i); }

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HCL C C++ Errors Interview Questions

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