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HCL Instrumentation Interview Questions
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what is diff between the motor and pump

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Paper Details: company -- Hindustan Copper Limited post -- GET 2008 Date -- 03.08.2008 Dept.-- Electronics?Instrumentation Aptitude -- 70 Technical-- 80 Total Time -- 2hr 30min I have listed the question I could able to remember 1. BCD equivalent of 43 2. value of K for stability of a system from a given equation 3. transformer connection for darlington connection 4. damping of balastic galvanometer 5. advantage of chart-pen recorder over CRo 6. CRO - how to change bandwidth 7. questions on CRO construction 8. reverse saturation current of si diode 9. advantage of wire wound resistance over carbon resistance 10. core material for a small coil 11. max fanout-- TTL/ECL/CMOS/MOS 12. component of resistance of monolithic IC 13. functions of capacitors in multivibrators 14. to change a sawtooth signal into a square wave we use-- schmit trigger/ schottkey diode/ zener diode 15. relation b/w á & â in transistor ckt 16. function of SiO2 layer in fabrication 17. 3 questions on ODD MAN OUT

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What is the difference between HMI,SCADA and MMI,not abbrevation?

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what is the meaing of calibration curve?

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what is the diffrence between plc&dcs

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what is the formula for changing Range of Transmitter from X mmwc to some Y mmwc with respect to DCS NCMH flow range from x NCMH to y NCMH?

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A RANGE OF TRANSMITTER IS (0-400)B mm abs what is "B"?

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what is air to open and air to close control valve and difference btwn this...and how to measure milli amp by this...and what is the role of positioner and i/p converter in this..plz help me

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why is an oxygen sensor used in a boiler stack

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HCL Instrumentation Interview Questions

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