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HCL Accounting General Interview Questions
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Diff between Net profit & Gross profit?

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recently watched film narret the story.

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What is American approach? Why do we use it inspite of Modern approach or Enlish approach ?

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Purchase order value Rs. 10000/- 0.7% is erection chareges (inclusive of the above price) central Excise applicable & Local sales tax applicable,The above price is inclusive of all taxes.


what is special purpose ledger in SAP.. is it required to configure in ECC 6.0 since New GL concept is active?


what is special purpose ledger in SAP.. is it required to configure in ECC 6.0 since New GL concept is active?


how in the big companies the budget are prepared and controlled?


What is accrued expenses .and what is differance between accrued Expenses & Accrued Income?

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ten example of direct income


goods lost by fire rs10000 & insurance claim received for the same rs8000.what are the effect of this entry in final accounts?

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what is the balance sheet? And also tell me about the finanacial statement?

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How to face the interview of account in mnc & other plz me adivce

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What is personal account?

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what is branch reconciliation?what is the Procedure of Branch reconcile step by step?

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Post New HCL Accounting General Interview Questions

HCL Accounting General Interview Questions

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