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HCL Operating Systems General Concepts Interview Questions
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What is Difference between thread and process?

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What is the difference between microprocessor and microcontroller?

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Difference between static and dynamic RAM?

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What is virtual memory?

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Semafore is used for? a) synchronization b) dead-lock avoidence c)box d) none

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Advantage of SRAM over DRAM ?

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Differentiate between ROM and RAM?

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What is DRAM? In which form does it store data?

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List the Coffman's conditions that lead to a deadlock?

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What is page cannibalizing?

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An Infosys Question : I + Opposite of, W + Initial of, Ice + twice of the letter b4T + 3/4 of X + 15th letter + 1/2 of 0. Please find the answer & mail me

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What are the impact on network when gc,schema master,domainnaming master,rid master,pdc emulator,infrastructure master is down?

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difference between 98 & xp?

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Discuss the various function of OS.

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We are having two seperate LANs(seperate workgroups) in our company. And configured mail server(Mail domain) in windows 2003 std server in each LAN seperately. And created user mail Ids also. Both servers working fine, and able to send mails with in the LAN. Let me know how we can able to send mail from one mail domain to second mail domain.

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HCL Operating Systems General Concepts Interview Questions

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