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HCL Exchange Server Interview Questions
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What are Routing Groups? When would you the them?

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What are the 4 types of exchange backups?

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How to upgrade the AD server 2003 & Ex 2003 to Ad server 2008 & Ex server 2007

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what is the distribution lists in exchange server 2003

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we have two exchange server domain as having user test1 & having user test2 as using same ip class for & for ?how user send mail to

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my outlook express could not work currently and my email data is imporntent for me so tell me the solution of to take backup of my mail

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Can we move the mailboxes from exchange 2003 which is reside in one exchange organization to Exchange 2007 which is reside in another exchange organization. Both exchange organization having forest trust ?

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how will we identify that those mail unwanted mails(MS Outlook)are.which are not important.

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What is the difference between transport Dumster in exchange 2007 and Shadow redundancy in exchange 2010

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HCL Exchange Server Interview Questions

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