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HCL Solaris Commands Interview Questions
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How to findout MAC addess as well as IP address of the host?

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What r the daemons for DNS , Veritas, Apache,NFS Server & Client 4How can u configure two DHCP and Two DNS servers r there and u have 100's of users then 1st system takes which DHCP server and which DNS sever 5 what is the use of NIS how can u configure 6 what is the use RAID and which is the best(Solaris) 7 in RAID 5 and RAID 0+1 which u will preffer (Veritas)

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What are the daemons in VERITAS?

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how to add an user without using "useradd" command in solaris10?

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How to change network interface property in Solaris?

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HCL Solaris Commands Interview Questions

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