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HCL Visual Basic Interview Questions
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How many system controls are available ?

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Difference between ActiveX Control and Standard Control.


What is ActiveX Document?


What is the difference Between ADO and other data access objects?

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What is the use of Active Control Property?


Difference between listbox and combo box.

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Which controls have refresh method?

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How would you attach pictures in Treeview Control?

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what are Instancing for classes provided by ActiveX component like prive, publicnotcreatable,SingleUse, GlobalSinleUse,MultiUse.

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I belive VB6 is a powerful and matured tool that any other front end tool, why is it outdated? is it because of lack of awareness or because of difficult to use?

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what is the difference between name property and caption property in visual basic?

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HCL Visual Basic Interview Questions

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