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HCL C++ General Interview Questions
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Difference between Top down and bottom up approaches for a given project ?

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What is difference between initialization and assignment?

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What is virtual constructor paradigm?

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when can we use virtual destructor?

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What is the output of printf("%d")?

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What is Namespace?

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What is a "RTTI"?

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tell me about yourself ?i want answer for frehers with various exasmples?

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What is the Maximum Size that an Array can hold?

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Write a String class which has: 1) default constructor 2) copy constructor 3) destructor 4) equality operator similar to strcmp 5) constructor which takes a character array parameter 6) stream << operator

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Find the second maximum in an array?

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"How will you merge these two arrays? Write the program Array: A 1 18 22 43 Array: B 3 4 6 20 34 46 55 Output Array: C 1 3 4 6 18 20 22 34 43 46 55"

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Disadvantages of c++

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what is data Abstraction? and give example

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write program for palindrome

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HCL C++ General Interview Questions

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