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HCL English Interview Questions
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why u join the genpact co,

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what is the importance of colours in life?

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write a c program whether the given number is power of 2 or not using the bitwise operators?

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"Day" is related to "Night" int he same way as "Kind" is related to............

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Please suggest me how to answer the interview questions?


can u send me last 5 years tax assistant examination solved papers

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hello friends , i want some sample aptitude question on english. can anybody send me the questions on atonyms ,synonyms?


how disable usb device in group policy editor all configure tell me early


Which is the Magic word in English?

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arrange this letters in 3 words A F O T I G W I U Y N O R

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why should we pay higher(15000 salary ?justify?

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on c,c++.core java


Major expressions used with find command to select file is it has been accessed in more than 375 days,is A)-a time +365 B) -m time +365 C)-a time -365 D) -m time -365

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please anyone post the answer for. tell me about yourself?

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2.For the Delta- Wye transformation in given figure, the value of the resistance R is.


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HCL English Interview Questions

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