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HCL Struts Interview Questions
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What is MVC Architecture?

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How Struts will follow the MVC?

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How to set email notification using struts.Plz give the example code?

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Is struts thread safe?

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Wat is Difference between Mvc1 architecture and Mvc2 Architecture?

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what is the disadvantages of using DynaActionForm in struts framework?

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what are the componenets of struts?

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what are componeents presents in Strutsconfig.xml?

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what is the difference between SAX Parser and DOM Parser??

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life cycle of struts?

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Difference between struts1.2 and struts2.0?

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What is the use of ActionErrors in Struts?

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how to implement singletun design patteren in struts?

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in struts without integrate hibernate how to use directly explain?

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HCL Struts Interview Questions

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