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HCL PHP Interview Questions
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what are Implode and Explode functions?

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How can we register the variables into a Session?

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What is register_globals in php?

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What are the different tables present in mysql, which type of table is generated when we are creating a table in the following syntax: create table employee(eno int(2),ename varchar(10)) ?

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How can we encrypt the username and password using PHP?

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What are the features and advantages of object-oriented programming?

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How can we know the number of days between two given dates using PHP?

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How to use the COM components in PHP?

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what is the current salary package in India for a PHP & MySQL programmer who has 3 years experience

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How to connect SMTP server in php. I want to edit that in mantiss bug tracking tool. If anyone worked on mantiss software or in php, please give answer . I need to modify that in mantiss software.

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what is output of echo 1< 2 and echo 1 >2

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How session manage in wordpress

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Difference between notify url, return url in paypal payment gateway?

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What are the differences between Get and post methods in form submitting, give the case where we can use get and we can use post methods?

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How can we submit a form without a submit button?

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HCL PHP Interview Questions

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