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HCL QTP Interview Questions
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Which object repository we use in real time and can we merge 2 object repostiory and how?

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what r advance features u had done in QTP?

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What type of VB script u had done in expert view?

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what is batch run ?

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In project module it contains 3-ok buttons with same properties who qtp identify its objects while runing ??

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HI. AnyBody can explain Automation Testing Framework...Generally wht do we Intiate before going to start Automation testing process... Anybody can explain.......Thanks in advacne...

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What is the main difference between desriptive programming and generic functions

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What is difference between function and procedure?

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how to use command prompt using qtp?

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what is the purpose of .vbs file?

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What is TD plugin? For what purpose they are used . Ineed to connect QC9.2 with QTP 9.2 . Need to run some scripts IN QTP having the QC connectivity. Pls explain in detailed step Thanks in advnece

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how to test power point using QTP 8.2 ? What are different methods to retrieve value from Application during runtime ?

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Where u will use output checkpoint in QTP?

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What is Unicode Compatibility?


What is the Command used to start the QTP


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HCL QTP Interview Questions

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