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HCL Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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why should i hire u?

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What do you mean by a CALL CENTRE...???

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What is the minimum qualification to get call centre jobs. What will be the expected salary 4 a fresher.

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What is IVR?

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tell me something abt ur dream?

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what is your strenght and what is your weakness

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What is the Meaning of "ON DEMAND" in the IBM Advertisements? or Can Your Explain "ON DEMAND" appearing on IBM Advertisements?

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Do you consider yourself successful?


Do you know anyone who works for us?

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How long would you expect to work for us if hired?

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what would your ideal job be?

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why did you want tojoin the call center?

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why did you leave your current organization?

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how should we start our self introduction.what is the sequence should we after our name then what we have to say.

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tell me something abt urself?

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HCL Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions

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