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HCL Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What the capacitor Current formula?, For 1 KVAr how amps its required? for using the KVAr for boosting the PF Design Calculation.( Eg: for 30 KVAr required how many KW?)

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What is WLD System????

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what is cro

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what is the working principle of DC generator ?

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Why effective AC resistance is more than DC resistance of a transmission line?

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power factor is max for which welding a.arc b.resistance c.gas

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How to convert 2 phase to 3 phase electricpower in induction moter?


Advantage of LT panel vs HT panel ?

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how system fault level is calculated?

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why microprocessors are named as 8085 ,8086 etc? what's the reason for this???

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AP Transco Assistant Engineer (Electrical) Model Question papers

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What is the role of Dedicated earthing in UPS System?


What is the formula to calculate the no load current of a single & three phase induction motor


why voltage ratings of xmission are in 11, 33,66kv and why not 11.5 ,16,19 or any other

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How amny AH battery required for 600va inverter ?And how many hours it will give backup for ceiling fan ?

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HCL Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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