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HCL Solaris AllOther Interview Questions
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If you can ping a server, but can't telnet or ssh to it, whats wrong?

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What is an alternative to the ?top? command on Solaris?

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What does init 0 do?

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how to install multiple patches

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what r the phases in fsck?

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How to set a passord without expiration?

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who to change the nis users passwd

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what is incident management and change management and prob management in ticketing tool ,can u explain briefly?

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what are the questions that will be asked for a 3yrs experienced candidate in solaris system admin. how to face first hr round if one puts fake experience of 2or 3 yrs in solaris system admin. please respond with an opt answer. thank you in advance...

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What is the difference between initialization & encapsulation in VXVM?

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how can u create volume

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how can u crete snapshot

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how can u schedule for snapshot

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I have a hard disk. After inserting this what are the recommended steps to install it on your solaris

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HCL Solaris AllOther Interview Questions

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