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Accenture SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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while doing consignment fill up an accounting doc will generate, what is that?

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Can we maintain two pricing procedure for same order type? 1 for day time another for night time ?

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Hi all, suppose by using Order Combination I have more then one order nos. then I want to create one delivery for those multiple orders. How can I enter multiple order nos. in vl01n screen. please reply as soon as possible. Thanks

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What is the movement type in Third Party Sales?

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Difference b/w Enquiry And Quotation.

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In an Interview interviewer asked me "what are your responsibilities in the project(Support & Implementation). What exactly you do in the project". What can i reply for this question. Ply reply me anybody. Thanks in advance. Ramesh.

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Can you give the integration /w SD and CO module. What are the configuration steps required?

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after created billing how many output types we can give?

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In credit management we gave one customer high risk category and automatic credit check. He reached payment 1 lakh the cusotmer blocked. Again if he will come after one year system will take automatically or not what to do?

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what is the idocs and explain steps?

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text determination in sales what is the header and item text?

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tell me support tickets, which tool you use?

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what is the functions specks?

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How Availability check carry out in MTO ( Make to Order ) Process

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Can anyone tell me in consignment which process is liable for availability check? Thanks, Tarun

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Accenture SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions

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