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Accenture SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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Please explain any one ticket of SD.

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Hi friends This is Ramesh. I have a doubt in item categories. That is what is the use of Usage in item categories and also higher level item categories. Pls explain with examples in detail. Thank u. Regards, Ramesh.j

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How business confirms whether goods are delivered to customer or not in Third party sales

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What is the difference between VK11 and VK31? Plz explain.

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Can we make a sales order, delivery and billing of a material with zero quantity?

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What is Delivery Group?

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What are the clients number of the srvers like sand box ,golden client,unit testing,integration testing,enduser trainning and prduction?

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what type problems we can face in cutover

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Hi. What are the accounting entries will happen after PGI.Thanks ..

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Hi can any body tell me about SAP testing

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Hi. What are the accounting documents generated or accounting entries after PGI.Please understand and give the answer.Thanks

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Hi what is the difference between Enhancement and Exit. Thanks

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Hi.In third party sale how the system knows that the goods are delivered to the cusomer by the vedor. Where is this assignment.Thanks

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I dont want to take print out as a output type while creating a sales order, instead i want to send it as a IDOC. what customization i have to do?

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i don't want to give a certain discount to a customer if he exceeds the credit limit. what customization i have to do for that?

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Accenture SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions

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