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Accenture SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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1:-In revenue account determination the material assignment group and customer assignemnt group are the mandatory fundtion ya optional function. 2:- In Pricing procedure control date field there is one tab for Alt Cond Type . what is the use of it?? 3:- Please tell me the accounting posting in Cash sale ?? where the accouting posting like CPCRA Credit posting to Customer receivable accout. ??Debit goes to??

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What is Static & Dynamic Credit Check? In credit Check where do you customize Static & Dynamic Check?

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What is the credit horizon in credit management

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In Rebate processing, i don't want to see the rebate condition but i want to see the same in do we do it?

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what is the difference between ATP and availability check?

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how do we configure EDI output types in SD?

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what is the basic difference between implementation and Rollout projects?

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in third party sales, i don't want to create the customer invoice,unless vendor invoice is do we control it?

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what is checking group?

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What is a group condition. Has anyone used the condition type in a project.

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What is the difference between SD billing and SD billing Plan?

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How to create Collective Billing? What setting is required?

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Criteria for splitting Billing at Header level & at Item level Explain...

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what is the transaction code for creating shipment cost??

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where we have to do setting for automatic packing??

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Accenture SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions

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