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HCL Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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speak for 2 minutes on some topic

42 641225

why india hvnt won the world cup, and why ausssies won it continously 3 times.

8 7022

describe the movie u have seen recently

1 24420

what yu did yesterday?

16 42216

how did spent your yesterday?

45 338336

how to start saying abt my memorable moment

11 26840

Tell me about yourself?

7 11719

Tell me a memmorable event in ur life.

13 23569

how to say the self introduction

24 90095

how to answer about weakness and strength

17 76486

please narrate your daily routine.

21 111124

Who is your role model ?

16 61815

Tell me about ur school days?

10 57120

Actually I want to apply in Internatinal call centers but could'nt able to get through so please could you teel me How to give an Introduction in a professional manner???

4 6381

tell me something about color pink....

9 26545

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HCL Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions

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