how did spent your yesterday?

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how did spent your yesterday?..

Answer / faizee

Yesterday i woke up 8 o'clock in the morning, when i got a
call from my mom. After the call i got fresh and walk up to
a near by bakery shop to get bread,butter and maggi for my
After breakfast,i got ready for an scheduled
interview with Unisys Company. It was evening 6 i came back
to my room with little bit of dull face, as i could not
make out in the final round of interview.
However,In late evening me and my roommate
hungout at City center shopping mall, just for fun. and had
dinner in 'Al-Karim hotel'.
After that, i went through the another interview
call on my email, and prepared myself for the interview.
and it was around 11:30 i went to bed.

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how did spent your yesterday?..

Answer / rahul and rajan

all above ans r bullshit and gramatically wrong .correct one is...

my yesterday was realy great... i woke up early at 6am, then i got fresh n after that i had my morning tea. at 9 i had my breakfast and then i did call to my friend and we planned to watch a movie. at 2 pm we reached at movie place then i enjoyed movie wid my fiends... after enjoyed lot, i went to my home at 7pm... then i saw tv wid my family. then at 9 i took my dinner.. and at 10 i slept wid nice memories...

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how did spent your yesterday?..

Answer / sarvesh kumar

I got up early in the morning at 6'oclock. I got fresh and brushed my teeth.aft that I went out to a nearby park where I did physical exercise and meditation. After returned back I took bath and have my breakfast as teà and snacks. Read new paper . At 10 o,clock I went out my friends home where we discussed some topics. At 12 o' clock at noon I returned back my home and have my lunch ,took some rest , watched television. At 4 o,clock in the evening I went out market side where I bought some house hold things . At 6 pm to 9 pm I enjoyed with Internet surfing and television watching. At 10 o,clock I took my dinner. At 11 pm I went to sleep. That was my yesterday.

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how did spent your yesterday?..

Answer / rahul kumar pal

Yesterday I got up early in the morning.
First of all I went to washroom to get fresh and having
after having had bath,I got ready to move outside to enjoy
with my friends.
There we enjoyed most in "pacific mall" because we all were
with good mood to enjoy.
But there i had reached to the pacific mall befor my
friends reached there.
I think that I might more exited because we all were going
to watch my favourate star's movie.
My favourate star is "Nana patekar" .
I always be very keen to watch my favourate star's movie.
Yesterday I have been waiting for my friends for two hours
over there.
Mostly I have to wait for my friends because None of them
is Punctual of time. be continued...

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how did spent your yesterday?..

Answer / sheetal shahi

Yesterday i woke up 8 O clock sharp in the morning.first of all i took brush my teeth then after i went to washroon to get fresh and having bath.after having had bath.i read between i got a call from my best friend.she asked for shoping.i said yes for shoping.after the call i got ready to move outside to enjoy with my best friend.we went to lajpat nagar.we bought some summer cloths like cotton kurtis.then we got very hungry so we ate some fastfood like burger.after lunch we done our shoping at 5 o clock we thought that we should go back home. And we came back home near about 6:30pm..
Thus my yesterday was very great..

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how did spent your yesterday?..

Answer / geet

I would like to share my last weekend that was yesterday. I 
Got up early in the morning at 6 O'Clock. I used to take 
Exercise every day.after that I went for morning walk for half an hour.after came back I took brush on my teeth and took
A bath.after having had my bath I worship the 7 O'Clock
I started to prepare breakfast that was my favourite aalu
Pratha with curd.I boiled potato and I made the stuff which
We had to fill in pratha's.after. having breakfast I iron my
Cloths for next week.meanwhile I also watched TV 
My favourite program old melodious song.suddenly I got a call
And my friend said today also was on weekly off so want to spent sometime with me so we planned to went for shopping and
Enjoyed a lot.we also. ate golgappas,south Indian food and bhutta as well.I purchased slipper for me.the time was 7o'clocking the evening. We both took
Metro it took 20 mins I was there at home 
After watched TV around 9 o'clock and I went for bed

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how did spent your yesterday?..

Answer / mehar

Yesterday i woke up early in the morning around 6 O clock, And freshen up my self. Then i went for morning walk for half an hour after came back to my room and prepare two cup tea for me and my roommate after this have a glance at newspaper.than i took bath after this worship the good. And got ready for go to market with my roommate we purchased some vegetable for yesterday evening dinner and some cool drinks. We came back to room and watched T.V for an hour and around 1 PM O' clock i had taken lunch and after having lunch i took a nap for an hour. in the evening time i called to my friends and planed to play cricket in near by my room. i came back to around 7 O' Clock. took rest for Half an hour or watch T.V for an hour. after this i took my dinner and went to bed.

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how did spent your yesterday?..

Answer / sivesh singh

yesterday was my very interesting sunday,,i woke up at 5:00 am.then i completed my daily routine. then i went to park for morning exersice as usual.yesterday i spent almost one and half hour over their.. then i came back to my hostel..took rest for 10 to 15 minute..after that i had bath then i took breakfast,..then i worked on my pc for sometime.after that i completed my all pending work within 2 hrs .About 12:30 ; i took lunch after that i went for short sleep but it became very long..... I get up at 6 in evening ... then then i went to the market with my hostel's friends .i purchased a book and 2 notebook and then we came back to the hostel...after sometime i sat for study at 8 pm..after 2 or 2:30 hrs i had dinner with all my friends....then i went again for night stroll out if my hostel...with in half hr.,i came back then i did casual chit-chat to my friends on fb and whatsp...lastly i went for sleep at 11:30 ...after saying all to "good night"....

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how did spent your yesterday?..

Answer / ankit rawat

Yesterday I walk up early in the morning at 7 o clock after that I got fresh and went to the milk shop and bought a 1litre milk when I came back I took a breakfast and saw a television for entertainment after sometimes I took a lunch and went to a sleep when I walk up in an evening I ready to go for a gym and after gyming when I came back to home I took a dinner and went to a sleep.

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how did spent your yesterday?..

Answer / kamal

yesterday i woke up early in the morning, went to the park played a cricket match with my friends. i came back near about eight am and had a tea with my family. after that i took my bath, took a break fast, read the news paper and went to the school.

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