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HCL Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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Why do you want to join Wipro /BPO/Call Center?

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if u meet stranger at bus stop how can u talk wd stranger ,converstation between u & stranger?


You are going through the airport, suddenly you heard a noise.... now make a story from this (speak at least for 2 minutes).

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if at bus stop meet stranger if we want to talk so how? plz send me answer in my id asap .

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If conflict arrises between two people how will solve that. If one person is overlooking into others job how to deal with such type of people ?

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what is MIS report, how can u prepered MIS report give me an example ,and sho that?

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why u want to join voice process

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What are the benefits for INdian women Of westren culture?

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what is the anual report of hcl bpo


how can you spend your day yesterday

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how do you relate with your father


pronounce words ,pleasure, measure, treasure, clouser, session , mission, jeopardy, passion , father, shoe section , sea shore, demonstration , rationalizations,

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tell me yours mothers daily routine , fathers, your's


story are in a jungle and you saw

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Where do you want to see yourself after five years?

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HCL Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions

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