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Tell me about ur school days?

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Tell me about ur school days?..

Answer / rau

school days are the best days which i never forgot.i usually
got to school by bicycle .i have enjoyed a lot in my school
days.we used to go my school days i used to
play lots of games.

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Tell me about ur school days?..

Answer / kundan

School days are the my best days of my life, which I never forget. I usually go to school by bus. I have enjoyed a lot in my school life. In my school days Raju choudhary was my best friend. There is a very interesting thing about my school life is that I m the smallest boy of my class till 10th class. I enjoyed a lot in my school days.

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Tell me about ur school days?..

Answer / amme singh

hi every body,
school days was the best days in my life, which i never
forget. mostly i went to school by bicycle. i enjoyed a lot
of my school days and in school simran was my best friend.
he was very good guy in class room. i can,t forget my school

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Tell me about ur school days?..

Answer / prakash

All most 10 years have been passed to leaving school.When I recall my those school days I feel so good now I can understand the meaning and importance of school days.
Lots of incidents and activities during school days I can never forget.
I was counted as a good student during my school days .All teachers were love me.I was a shy kind of boy those days.
From class one to ten I read in a same school .

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Tell me about ur school days?..

Answer / garima jain

My school days were the best days of life because when I was I 12th standard I was chosen as the head girl of the school that day I was very happy. Because we are luck to study in the school because my children are uneducated because their parents have not enough money to spent to sent them to school so, some of the children do child labour and some ask for money on street roads they also want to study but their parents can't send them because they don't have enough money. My school was convent school on girls study in that college.till 8 th I had a best friend tani then she has tranfered then from 9th standard I was not having a best friend so everybody want to be my friend but I don't make any best friends because I had to work hard a lot and if I make any friends so if she fight with so I have tension to make here so I never make .in 9in maths and physics I scored 78/80nd 79/80 so every on was jelous of me I work hard a lot because I know much problem my dad and mother take to make earn money I was from middle class family so than 10 came day and night I study so I scored 98%that day my dad and mom were proud of me in12little bit low I scored that was93%but than also my father and mother were happy in both class 10th 12th my pic has came in newspaper everyone say to me kitabi kira .but my school days were the best ever days in life now I am an doctor.

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Tell me about ur school days?..

Answer / shaista khan kazi

hi i m shaista khan kazi
my school days are so sweet and nice i miss my school days
they are so good days

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Tell me about ur school days?..

Answer / prasannakumar

my school studies was very happydays as one time my friends
bunk our classes mid day we went krishna river for swiming
that day my friend school bag and shoes theft school dress
also, that day remember my school days.

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Tell me about ur school days?..

Answer / jammy

I was in 8th standard. I was very intellegent boy. I used
take part in school activites.I had won maddle in singing
compition.I used to enjoy with my friend.I tell you one
rememberable day i buck my class and went for
movie with my friend when i retured home my school
principal saw me out side the cinema hall and he slaped me
and my friend.he took me to school and asked us to bought
your parent to school.he suspended me for 10 day.

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Tell me about ur school days?..

Answer / dheeraj gaur

i think when i was in 9th standard . one day my all friends
has planed for bunk ours class coz that day was my birthday
we all have celebrated my birhtday. first we did go to
sipra mall for movie after that we all had taken
the evenig my family member had celebrated my birthday. i
cut the cake and took dinner after that i go for to sleep.
i think that is the one of my memoreble day which i never

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Tell me about ur school days?..

Answer / naveen kumar

I was in 8th standard. I was very studious boy. I used to
focus on my study.I used to enjoy with my friend. But on
that time one rememberable inccedent happened. Actually i
used to love a girl. But didn't love me. But my friend told
me that u should propose her. so i decided that today i
will propose to her. I went near to her and sat on ground
by knee and said that I love you princess. But she slaped
me,she made me angry. I stood up and i kissed her.Every
body was watching that view. That was my first kiss.......

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