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how to answer about weakness and strength

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how to answer about weakness and strength..

Answer / raja hcl

strengths - committed towards work, positive and logical in
approach (optimistic), constructive in handling criticism,
quick learner of new skills, structured way of working.

weakness - will find it difficult to sleep without
completing a work given to me ;-)

Hope it helps!!!!

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how to answer about weakness and strength..

Answer / deepthi

strengths: tell them that ur result oriented and firmly
determind person, optimist, assretive nature, supportive,
patient enough,,,etc.,

Weakness: never ever say that u dont find any weakness in
you..u can say like this-- whenever i find any weakness in
me i dont let it stay for a longer time i probably change
it in a positive manner for example im too enthusiastic
when i was working on a new project but later i have learnt
to adjust with every one else pace and not going charging
ahead. i hope this answer will help u..

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how to answer about weakness and strength..

Answer / hehe

It is very easy to answer about strength because it simply
impressing the interviewer so she/he could hire u while in
weakness, think of some thing that is negative BUT be sure
to turn it into postive! hope u get my point.

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how to answer about weakness and strength..

Answer / aman kumar

strength:- i have positive attitude , i believe in hard work
weakness:- i trust people easily

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how to answer about weakness and strength..

Answer / mathan

my strength is easily going to others..i have self
confidence and faith in hard work, i am sincere and honest..
then i am a quick learner of new skills.. Then consider, i
have two work.In this situation, if i dindn't finish my
first work, i won't go to second work.. this is my strength.

i don't believe any one easily.. this is my weakness..

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how to answer about weakness and strength..

Answer / bhagyadhar jena

My strengths are:

1). Positive nature.
2). Help everyone.
3). Very friendly.
4). Most important my hardworking.
5). Self motivated.
6). Confidentiality keeper.

My Weakness are:

1) Perfectionist. Seeks minute details of the task given.
2) Takes effort not just for the sake of completion of work.
3) Can't tolerate telling lies.

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how to answer about weakness and strength..

Answer / lalit


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how to answer about weakness and strength..

Answer /

strengths - I have the ability to talk effectively and persuade people. I am a good listener, and that helps me identify customer needs so I can sell more effectively.

weakness - My one weakness is that I sometimes get too involved with customers, but I have counseled with my previous manager on this and I believe I no longer have that problem.

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how to answer about weakness and strength..

Answer / kiran noman

Strengths: Always discuss soft skills like positive, friendly, approachable, excellent team member, work well under pressure

Weaknesses: never say you don't have any weakness just discuss it in a positive way for e.g. I am always eager to complete tasks on priority basis before scheduled time due to which my colleagues and team members weren't able to adjust with me; and to over come this weakness I have tamed myself and my personality to cooperate with team members and be highly approachable

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how to answer about weakness and strength..

Answer / sara

Strength---> i have positive attitude and believe in hardwork

Weakness--> Once i commited for a work, i wont give up until i

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