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HCL Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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why do you want to join bpo

134 798502

What is your most memorial moments in your life plz any answer me

7 19403

Are you a hard worker or a smart worker.?

22 42063

what all qualities you have? which one quality would you like to share with all your team members and why.?

2 5590

can u explain about child labour

22 82425

How will you convince me to buy this pen? or sell this pen to me.

15 65747

You have an experience in a voice process and ahy you to jump for a nonvoice process ?

3 5897

what do you do in yesturday?

5 9439

tell me something about your happiest moment

29 205817

plz tell me ur daily routine

22 147555

what do you mean by back office job in a bpo?

20 108562

tell about yourself?

4 9015

What is ping?

18 21967

Why you are leaving your previous company?

3 8180

Tell me about your role model mother therisa?

5 9167

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HCL Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions

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