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HCL Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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why you want to leave the current job

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tell me when u was in school ur mother daily routine? if anyone know the answer plz send me the answer.

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I am searching the address of Kisan call centre at Indore. Plz anybody could help me? My Name is Ankit Agrawal 9039298106

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How would you convince your customer?

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I whant recent and papular JAM topics?

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speak for 2min about corruption?

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tell me 2 minutes about mobile phones

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Why do you want this job?

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What you have in your self to sell?

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What is BPO?

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Im a B.Tech fresher, I have very less marks, Im applying for Tech Support job in call center, how to convince interviewer that I will stick to the job, and not leave the company if i get a SW job?


Why do you want to change/leave your current job?

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if you are walking on a streat and a beautifull girl is also walking on the other side of the road complete the whole story .........????

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Hi i joined hcl bpo 3 days ago and i dont want to work here if i abscond will it be a problem in future as there is no bond but an agreement of 50000 for 6 months . I certainely dont need a relieving letter for 3 days exp ! will i be blacklisted from all companies??

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tell me something about data analyst


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HCL Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions

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