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CTS Manual Testing Interview Questions
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Define Fuzz testing?

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Explain Localization Testing ?

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what is ur testing process in ur compnay?expalin from starting req phase to last phase brifely?

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tell me some req'r which were added to frs , in the middle of the project? July 24

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what do u do in peer review?how do u do ? July 24

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if tester invloves in req or initial phase , what test eng will do in initial phase?

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how often do u recieve bulid in ur company?

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expalin with ex high priority high severity, and low sev low prioority? July 24

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as test eng ,what challenges have u faced in ur 3 projects so far? tell me atleast 3 challenges in ur projects? july 27

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what comments have u given in peer review? tell me at least 3 comments what u have given? july27

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what comments have u given in peer review? tell me at least 3 comments what u have given? july27


as a test eng, tell me ur challenges? aug 6. plz answer

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If there is an open bug in SIT then would u proceed with UAT?

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Hi friends This is sowmya plz can u tell me what type of questions will they ask in banking domain in interview plz let me know thanks in advance

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i have worked in 11 month duration project. interviewed person asked me for wat purpose you worked in that project and wat you worked. you worked for a long time in one project. its loss for the company you worked.

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CTS Manual Testing Interview Questions

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