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CTS Microsoft Related AllOther Interview Questions
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What is SNMP ?


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CTS Microsoft Related AllOther Interview Questions

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10. Write a program in ā€˜Cā€™ language that will perform the following operation on double link list. Each node of this list contains the address of previous as well as next node. The previous pointer of first node & next pointer of last node should contain null. 1. Creation of list with as many records as user want 2. Search a node in the list 3. Deletion at last position 4. Display 5. Exit Create separate functions for each operation. The create () will be used to create the list. It should accept no argument & return the address of the starting node. Search() will search a node in the list. It receives rollno as argument & return that node if found otherwise return null. The delete () function will delete the last node. It does not receive any argument & return structure type value at last position. The starting node of the double list must be declared as external pointer variable. Each element of double link list will contain the following information Roll No, Std Name, Course. Use do-while loop & switch case for generating the above menu. The format of the output should is given below: S.No. Roll No. Student Name Course 1 cse01 Anil Singh B.Tech


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