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CTS Teradata Interview Questions
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can I use “drop” statement in the utility “fload”?

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What is FILLER command in Teradata?

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Hello all, There is a table with 4 columns in that 3 columns has been already loaded with 5 million records.4th column is empty,Now I have got 5 million records data which has to be loaded into 4th column.How can I load this data fastly in to the 4th column with out using update

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In which scenarios we use Volatile tables and Global temporary Tables in Real time? Please give me one real time scenario???I know wat is its use??

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Difference between Qualify and group

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if a error occured in FASTLOAD is the fastload job stops?

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sel a.t1,b.t1 from emp a left outer join dept b ON where b.deptno=10; sel a.t1,b.t1 from emp a left outer join dept b ON and b.deptno=10; what is the difference on the above 2 queries?

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i have column like below studentid studentname sub1 sub2 sub3 1 aaa 40 70 90 2 bbb 60 80 50 i want to execute every student highest mark in which subject my o/p like below studentid studentname sub3 sub2 1 aaa 90 2 bbb 80

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CTS Teradata Interview Questions

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