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CTS COBOL Interview Questions
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How can I tell if a module is being called DYNAMICALLY or STATICALLY?

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How to covert given string into ASCII value in COBOL/MF COBOL

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Q:what is the difference between the variable length and fixed it varies in the cobol.

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How we copy a program from production region to development region.What is the process & syntax ?

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I have the requirement to compare the two files and pick up the matching records. File 1. file2 23 32 32 13 34 15 35 36 36 35 43 Get the matching records from this 2 files to out file. how you will do this in cobol program?

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is it possible to pass an SQL query inside a jcl which is inside a cobol program?

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i want to use only first 100 records from a file.plz tell me how to write JCL for this(for read,copy,write operations).plz give me details of all posible JCL utilities?

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88 class is used for

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If there are two copybooks which have same variables and we are using both the copybooks in our program. will there be an error and if i move values to the variable which copybook varibales gets the values i move in.

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If i have a variable A pic 9(2) value 10 Compute A = a - 100 what will be the value of A and will there be any error becoz of the Negative value

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tell me about examine inspect and evaluate ?

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how can u pass the values into db2 values from cobol ?

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wht is structured cobol pgm and non structred cobol pgm ?

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what will happen if i give program name and member name as different? program runs successful or w'll abend?

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How do u initialize an array?

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CTS COBOL Interview Questions

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