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CTS Manual Testing Interview Questions
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difference between regression testing and re testing?

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what is hotfix?

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give some good bugs that u have found ?

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What is the Difference between Stub Testing and Driver Testing?

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what is the difference between error,bug and defect?

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What is the difference between Monkey testing an Ad-hoc testing (If ur answer is same, then why we need two names)

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What are the non functional requirements?

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in employe details form, we are entering First name as manjunath and Last name as sastry. but when we retriving the data in reports form, it shows as first name as sastry and last name as manjunath. here bug may be in employee details form or reports form. how you check in manual?

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Did anyone have any experince with stocking in equity can you please tell me how to approach the project.I am a me please.give me ur suggestions.


How do you select test cases for Regression Testing(The point is when there is change code how do you come know which part of code or modules it will affect).

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What are the roles of glass-box and black-box testing tools?


What are some of the typical bugs you encountered in your last assignment?

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which bug report format ur company following


which test case format ur company following

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wat is ur involvement in test plan

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Post New CTS Manual Testing Interview Questions

CTS Manual Testing Interview Questions

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