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CTS SeeBeyond Interview Questions
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If there are 10 different files with same format. How many eways required to process this file from source side.

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What is the difference between ICAN and Jcaps?.

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Explain the Architechture of SRE and JCAPS.


How to configuare the logging levels in Jcaps.


How to check whether particulare componnents is up and running fine or not in SRE and JCAPS.

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What are the required things we need to take care of designing a project for flat file should be processed and it should be updated in oracle


What are the different types of eways that you have worked in your project.


How will you maintain your project documents? What are the tools you are using to maintain the projects documents.

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What is the ticketing tool you are using in your project. How will you solve particular ticket once it is created in your queue.

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What is queue and what is topic?

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What is cmap and oTD. What is the use of OTD?


what is marshaling and serialization.

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What is the format of WSDL file.

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What is correlation ID? and what is Transaction?

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Explain the concept of Webservices. What are all the differenent types of tool that you have worked apart from eGAte.

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CTS SeeBeyond Interview Questions

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