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CTS Interview Questions
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which of the function operator cannot be over loaded a) <= b)?: c)== d)*

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filtering can be done with: i)capacitor,ii)inductor,iii)both,iv)none.

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Main must be written as a.the first function in the program b.Second function in the program c.Last function in the program d.any where in the program

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what is the different between if-else and switch statment (other than syntax)

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Expand the following a) ISDN b) CASE c) CSMA/CD d) OOPS e) MIMD

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int a=1; float b=1.0; System.out.println(a==b);

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What is object repository?

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give some good bugs that u have found ?

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Did anyone have any experince with stocking in equity can you please tell me how to approach the project.I am a me please.give me ur suggestions.


How do you select test cases for Regression Testing(The point is when there is change code how do you come know which part of code or modules it will affect).

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palindrome for strings and numbers----Can anybody do the prog?

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Can any one tell me how to perform volume testing and what to do if a fault is found in volume testing?

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What is the time complexity T(n) of the following program? a) int n, d, i, j; cin >> n; for (d=1; d<=n; d++) for (i=1; i<=d; i++) for (j=1; j<=n; j += n/10) cout << d << " " << i << " " << j << endl; b) void main() { int n, s, t; cin >> n; for (s = 1; s <= n/4; s++) {t = s; while (t >= 1) { cout << s << " " << t << endl; t--; } } } c) void main() { int n, r, s, t; cin >> n; for (r = 2; r <= n; r = r * 2) for (s = 1; s <= n/4; s++) { t = s; while (t >= 1) { cout << s << " " << t << endl; t--; } } }

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OR is full with objects but i want to add 5 more objects,but i tried merging files,shared mode and descriptive ,iwont there any alternative for that

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how is question aries in technical

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CTS Interview Questions

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