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CTS Oracle General Interview Questions
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What is Row Chaining ?

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Can we create index on views?

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Query to get max and second max in oracle in one query ?

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what is the difference between primary key & foreign key?

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how can db_files > maxdatafiles since db_files is for instance and the later is for database


why can't we assign not null constraint as table level constraint

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sql query to get zero records from a table

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What is the difference between SQL and SQL Server?

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hi friends, I have a table A col as status|NUM and value as open |1 open |2 close |3 close |3 the O/P should be open|close 1 |3 2 |4

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create one table to capture an employee details with a primary key.

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1) Does oracle have any table which contain all the exceptions and it's code internally?


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CTS Oracle General Interview Questions

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1) Synonyms 2) Co-related Subquery 3) Different Jobs in Plsql 4) Explain Plan 5) Wrap 6) Query Optimization Technique 7) Bulk Collect 8) Types of index 9) IF primary key is created then the index created ? 10) Foreign Key 11) Exception Handling 12) Difference Between Delete and Trunc 13) Procedure Overloading 14) Grant Revoke 15) Procedure Argument types. 16) Functions. 17) Joins