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CTS Oracle General Interview Questions
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What is Row Chaining ?

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Can we create index on views?

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Query to get max and second max in oracle in one query ?

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what is the difference between primary key & foreign key?

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how can db_files > maxdatafiles since db_files is for instance and the later is for database


why can't we assign not null constraint as table level constraint

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sql query to get zero records from a table

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What is the difference between SQL and SQL Server?

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hi friends, I have a table A col as status|NUM and value as open |1 open |2 close |3 close |3 the O/P should be open|close 1 |3 2 |4

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create one table to capture an employee details with a primary key.

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1) Does oracle have any table which contain all the exceptions and it's code internally?


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CTS Oracle General Interview Questions

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