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CTS L1 Visa Interview Questions
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Hi,I am working in an MNC IT company as software developer.I have completed BSC(15 yrs education in science).I nthat company I have worked more than 3 yrs now.So total work experience is 3+.Now my company is planning to send me to US (Clent side) under L1B visa. Now my question is am I eligible.???

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My surname is being mispelt in the degree certificate instead of AIYAR it has been mentioned as IYER. Other documents have the name as AIYAR and as per passport also it is AIYAR. Will this create a problem for my L1 visa. I am a Chartered Accountant and name in my CA certificate is AIYAR.

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My company X is going to file L1 Individual Petition. Can I simultaneously apply for some company in US lets say B and I clear my interview and they apply for my H1 Visa. Will there be a problem in processing L1 Individual by company A as other company B may also start processing my H1 at the same time( as it takes some time to process H1). Please advice what should I do. Let L1 get processed first, then sit in interview of company B...Suggest me what should I do?


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CTS L1 Visa Interview Questions

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